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REMOTE CLIENT onboarding

So, you have received your Mad Box of goodies! You are now part of our amazing creative and collaborative family. 


First off we want to know that everything you received to taste, munch or drink is to your liking or fits into your dietary needs.


Now, let’s get you started on setting up that color accurate iPad you just unboxed. 


Why such an amazing new toy? Well, you may not know this, but iPAD Pro's come 99.9% perfectly color calibrated out of the box with barely any shift in spectrum over the first few years! This makes it the absolute best client solution for accurately collaborating with our finishers on their own Broadcast Monitors.


This is very simple to set up, and if you follow the step by step instructions for configuring your iPAD Pro it will guarantee you are looking at the best possible picture quality outside of being in our Mad Box Suites.


After you configure your iPAD, keep scrolling to get see what apps you will need to have installed and ready.

Steps to configure your iPAD Pro for broadcast quality viewing

Step 1: Power up and activate your iPAD Pro. 

Step 2: TURN OFF NIGHT SHIFT - Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift

Step 3: TURN OFF AUTO BRIGHTNESS - Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size (scroll to bottom)

Step 4: TURN OFF TRUE TONE - Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > True Tone

Now you are all set! 






Macy West

Executive Producer/Partner

(804) 908-3256

New Business

Chris Williams

Executive Creative Director/Partner

(804) 852-7664

Post Support

Matt West

Executive Creative Director/Partner

(804) 205-0181

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