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We have made efficiency our mission. Your timelines are tight, budgets are sometimes even tighter, and the last thing you need to worry about is how to make things “work” in this new crazy world. When the world shut down, we didn’t skip a beat. 


Where most vendors stop, we keep pushing, keep tinkering, exploring and flipping things inside out until the work reaches its full potential. We don’t just deliver. We go mad. We finish. It's this mad drive to make you, and your work, look great that keeps us at the forefront of post production technology.


Think outside the box.
Think Mad Box.

Outdoor Film Set

Experts of making it look great.
Master of making it look easy.

So where are we, and how are we working? Our services are now more remote yet more interconnected than ever. As always, our producers are just a phone call away. We have been implementing solutions that provide our clients with seamless, high bandwidth remote supervision and collaboration. We can even work with your company to build out in-home, or in-office solutions for remote collaboration with our team. Our “Mad Box” of tools is at your finger tips! 

Media Acquisition

Honestly, we are gonna crush this together.

We will take care of collecting all media for your edit. Source material can be uploaded to our secure cloud system, or we will arrange for hard drives to be picked up via courier service. We will work with you to select the best option based on bandwidth and scheduling needs. 

Client Collaboration

Business in the front, party in the edit bay.

We know teams are spread out right now. Our artists can host remote sessions from, and to anywhere. You can video chat with your editor and view a real time live stream of your project. For finishing, we provide high bandwidth links that ensure full color bit depth for proper review. Mad Box is stoked to provide iPads to our Color & Finishing clients to ensure everyone is looking at the same color accurate image. Our artists work from all over the country with clients all over the world with constant communication which has provided MORE collaboration than ever before.


It's not where you've been, it's where you finish.

Remote work life is nothing new to us. We have been doing it for years. During and after any session we post review files though FrameIO for secure client review. Once approved for final delivery, we specialize in making sure your project is uploaded, to spec, wherever it needs to go. 

The Work

We have a wonderful reel of beautiful work made from “found”, “user generated” footage or animations. We invite you to check it out here. We have access to and experience with all sourced footage options and excel at searching for just the right piece to tell your story in this new way.

Outdoor Film Set

Shockingly Beautiful.

Effortlessly Easy.


Hire us.


Macy West

Executive Producer/Partner

(804) 908-3256

New Business

Chris Williams

Executive Creative Director/Partner

(804) 852-7664

We'll make you (and your brand) look incredible.

Matt West

Executive Creative Director/Partner

(804) 205-0181

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